HOLIDAY YETI TREKKING, We Registered in the Office of the Company Registrar and Tourism Industry Division, Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation, HOLIDAY YETI TREKKING  has appeared as one of the leading Travel Agencies within a short span. It is also enlisted it the Nepal Mountaineering Association and is a member of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal, Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal and Expedition Operator’s Association Nepal. With firm determination to participate in the growing tourism industry, it made a humble beginning in the year 2016 from Kathmandu.
 HOLIDAY YETI TREKKING tries its best to sooth the ecological impact, interference to the pattern of local life and environment, we even support for your home stay on the pre-information basis. Intimate and informal are the mood of our packages. Our emphasis lies heavily on the quality service, sharing and participation. Now, we have been able to accumulate sizable amount of in-depth experience. We are well-aware in time the challenges: as these destinations can often be frustrating if things do not go the guest’s way, even difficult to travel. Many of our worthy guests might have hardly imagined ‘How skillfully we organize the things. Our experience is meaningfully reflected on the efficiency of our ability to make handle the things. Either it is Vehicle hiring, Package tours, organizing sight seeing, transfer to destinations, Packages Hotel booking, organizing events, or excursion with group; we organize to your satisfaction. Courting the interests of the clients to this service industry deserves active and better privileges with sufficient concessions. We always try to keep ourselves updated with the latest trade information and trends. We try to grow, prosper and catch up with the multifaceted developments with the global scenario. It is said, ‘One needs to analyze the past to plan or design the future’. We have entered into this sector well-planned to implement new ideas to the tourism industry and help the industry to lay the foundation for country’s economy. ‘Efficiency without value is like a tool without a goal’. Even during the peak season, and summer or Christmas, we won’t let you feel any shortfall in our services. We have planned to come to this sector in the year 2016 AD we make an appreciable progress through research, data collection, fact-findings and documenting. Hard-core professionals with sufficient experience in Tourism, is the strength of our company. So far, the company has released a number of successful packages through various agencies in this region. We can further tailor a system to specify needs of the individuals or groups, who require customized and personalized solutions. The fundamental source of our happiness is to make a change on any current practices, introduce new features and methods to meet valuable needs of our clients. Few of our services are sufficient for you to recognize us as experienced Travel Facilitator / Tour & travel operator / Tour Consultant customized packages for educational excursion, film shooting, family tours, and group excursion. We have extended our service even to tour insurance coverage, packaged water, own chef for group, security, comfortable transport and many other feature. However, these features of ours depend on the touring guest and their tastes. We also arrange for sight-seeing to new places, home stay, tea-tour, village tourism, bird-watching tour, photographic tour, one day trek from some of the site, temple trek and tour, cultural tour and have some offbeat site for those who want something different. Group bookings are always at convenient price through us.