Makalu 8463m mountain was climbed first time in the history of  mt.Makalu,is the fifth highest peak in the world rising to (8,463 meters). This beautiful mountain is situated just 14 miles east of Everest in the Khumbu region. Its size alone is impressive, but its perfect pyramid structure with four sharp ridges makes this mountain all the more spectacular. Makalu is actually a double peak. The subsidary peak rising just north of the main summit connected by a saddle is called Chomolonzo (25,650 ft.) It is interesting to note that the summit ridge is the demarcation point indicating the border between Nepal on the Southern side and Tibet to the North.The name of the mountain was probably taken from the Sanskrit word Maha-Kala, which means Big Black and is a by-name of Shiva  one of the most important gods of Hinduism. Makalu has proved to be a challenging climb, as only five of its first sixteen attempts were successful. To date, there have been a total of 206 successful ascents of Makalu and a total of 22 fatalities.

Trip Overview

Primary Activity: Trekking-Climbing-Hiking
Duratoin: 53 Days Trip Code: MKEX
Trip Grade Hard Max-Altitude: 8463m
Meals: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner during Trek Accomodation: Camping during Trek/Expedition,3 star hotel in Kathmandu
Group size: 5+.. Transportation: Vehicle-Flight
Arrival on: Kathmandu Departure from: Kathmandu
Route: Tumliingtar-Khongma-Makalu Climb-Merak-Tashigaun-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu
Departers Dates 2018 / 2019
Best Session March-April,Septembe
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